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Venezuela beats Covid lockdown with online training

Venezuela beats Covid lockdown with online training

03 July 2020

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has put all sports in a complex situation, which has generated the need to invent strategies to continue promoting and strengthening Sport Climbing on the continent. This is the case of the Venezuelan Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (FEVME ), who have taken advantage of the pandemic to maintain and strengthen the connections between athletes and coaches with other professionals in this sport.

Have all the courses been done in conjunction with the Venezuelan Olympic Committee? Or, what did I take with FEVME to start creating these courses? 

Of the three activities that we carried out in June, only the first was coordinated through the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, together with the training program that the Committee has as an option for the pandemic.

The following two activities were organized by the Federation, initially for the reason that we were urged to develop training activities this year. We hope in future presentations to add the activities together with the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and work in an integrated way.

Osdaly Haché, presidenta FEVME

How have the topics been selected?

It is to give continuity to the work that the Federation has been doing and with the training plan for coaches, judges, owners and even athletes. We are taking advantage of the pandemic scenario to implement these training activities online. They have been , so far , professionals that already lead a process with the Federation.

The selection of topics was organized according to the need we have and the work we are carrying out in the Federation as part of the process of forming the multidisciplinary group. After that, it was coordinated with all the professionals of our country and the rest of the continent in order to exchange knowledge and knowledge.     

In the end, all of this is intended to update us permanently.

Motivating athletes to train during the pandemic has been quite a difficult task, with the few supplies they have at home. 

Osdaly Haché, president FEVME

What kind of audience have the courses had?  

It has been very comprehensive range of public: young athletes, senior athletes, rock climbers, routesetters, judges, and public from other countries. In one of the workshops, with the psychologist Sandro Mazzucato, whose topic was the climber's psychological preparation, an intervention model for developing athletes, we had the participation of a 10-year-old female athlete, highly motivated to keep her activities in quarantine. That seems to us a very positive action, to the work that is being done.     

Have follow-up talks been held or have workshops been proposed for continuation? 

We are still pending on topics with professionals from other branches , especially in the case of psychology that is a very big subject. Some sports psychology specialists have taken the initiative to develop more specific topics such as competition psychology and the cognitive development psychology of athletes. Soon we will have dates for these activities. 

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Have you taken advantage of these tools and talks to strengthen the current process of the federation?

Emphasis has been made in various talks on how to resume activity after the pandemic, and how, from psychology and physical therapy , processes are created to prevent injuries.

Motivating athletes to train during the pandemic has been quite a difficult task, with the few supplies they have at home. 

Within the needs that Latin America and the Federation have with judges and routesetters, have you thought of strategies? 

2020 we had planned a technical preparation module for coaches and owners . We were going to reactivate the course for judges, but unfortunately the situation had to pause these activities.  

It is quite complex to develop this online training with such specific and practical activities. Because we do have a need for routesetters and judges, we also have a lot of people who love sports with an interest in form and contribute.

How are the conditions of High Performance athletes, in the face of the pandemic? 

Athletes who make up the national preselection for both senior and youth have been followed up more. So that from home they can at least maintain their sports performance. For this we have had our coaches and our technical director monitoring and evaluating the development of our athletes in the midst of the pandemic. In addition to the work of building biosecurity protocols to restart our activities are expected to resume initially athletes who are part of the youth team and adult, so we could project the international events.

Apart from the physical part, we have been developing a training process with athletes, developing different activities that contribute to the development of their comprehensive training as high-performance athletes.

Have you seen the possibility of generating income for the FEVME from these courses?

The intention is to provide the knowledge of our professionals, who have also voluntarily decided to contribute with their knowledge. All of this is with the intention of taking advantage of updating ourselves and finding tools to grow as the pandemic crisis passes.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel

26 June 2020

"Light at the end of the tunnel" is the message given by Marco Scolaris, IFSC president at the start of the 2nd Pan American meeting.

Scolaris emphasized the efforts made by the IFSC to reinitiate sports activities with a special event in Briançon on August 21 and 22 of this year that will feature new safety and health measures and count with the support of the French and local authorities .

This special cup would be composed of standalone events and would not be adding points for the ranking, taking into account that not all countries will be able to participate and that the travel restrictions are different depending on the situation with Covid-19.

"There are already other event organizers who are willing to host this kind of adapted world cup with a Bouldering and Speed ​​event in Salt Lake City in mid-September and then an event in Korea and one in China", said Scolaris.

The IFSC has shared a document with regulations and recommendations that  has been updated weekly to adapt to the global situation of the pandemic.


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